Distributed Antenna Systems

Avoid network interruptions with our premier solutions for reliable cellular connectivity. Our experts ensure that all distributed antenna systems are designed with attention to quality, scalability and adherence to applicable codes and trade best practices.

The Importance of Public Safety DAS in Meeting Communication Needs

ERRCS stands for Emergency Responder Radio Communication System, and Public Safety DAS stands for Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems. These systems are designed to ensure that first responders can communicate effectively during emergencies in buildings and other structures.

ERRCS/Public Safety DAS is typically required for facilities such as high-rise buildings, large hospitals, schools, arenas, and other structures where reliable communication is critical for emergency responders to carry out their duties.
An ERRCS/Public Safety DAS may also be required in any situation where the first responders’ radio frequency (RF) coverage is compromised due to various factors.

The specific ERRCS/Public Safety DAS requirements will vary depending on your area’s building codes and regulations.

If you are unsure whether ERRCS/Public Safety DAS is required for your facility, you should consult with your local fire department or building code officials. They can provide guidance on the specific requirements for your building or structure.

Seamless Connectivity, Uninterrupted Safety

Revolutionize Your Building with Distributed Antenna Systems Solutions

Ensure First Responder Readiness

Prioritize the safety of your building occupants by assessing if your facility can accommodate first responders during emergencies.

Enhance User Experience

Confirm that your occupants and guests enjoy seamless cell phone coverage throughout your building, allowing them to access important apps and information while on-site.

Comply with DAS Code

Verify if your building is compliant with the necessary Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) codes, ensuring adherence to regulations and avoiding penalties.

Ensure Safety in Parking Garages

Improve communication capabilities with emergency responders in parking garages, enhancing the overall safety of your facility.

Boost Tenant Satisfaction

Provide reliable cellular coverage to your tenants, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction within your building.

Increase Property Value

Enhance the value of your property by investing in a high-quality DAS system, attracting tenants and potential buyers who prioritize reliable wireless connectivity.

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