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MTG is a Minnesota-based DAS contractor specializing in the design, installation, commissioning, and service of cellular and public safety Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). 

Whether an Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System (ERRCS), also referred to as public safety DAS, is mandated by your local fire marshal to ensure RF coverage for emergency responders, or you are dealing with poor cellular phone signals in your building, MTG is here to help.

Understanding the numerous nuances of DAS technologies can be a tall order for building owners, facility managers, IT leaders, general contractors, and other stakeholders.  MTG can provide answers, planning, signal strength surveys, budgeting, design, installation, post-install testing and preventative maintenance for both public safety and carrier DAS. 

MTG supports the Minnesota Automatic Fire Alarm Association (MNAFAA), whose purpose is to educate on codes and standards to make buildings safer through the proper application of fire alarm systems and associated life safety systems.

Why Choose MTG As Your DAS Contractor?

Needs Assessment - We can help stakeholders and general contractors decipher code requirements, work with Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) and analyze other factors to determine if DAS is required and, if so, provide education and advice on options and budgetary expectations. 

Signal Strength Surveys - MTG utilizes sophisticated RF measurement tools to perform required grid testing for public safety DAS and signal strength testing of multiple carriers for cellular DAS.  Signal strength audits will determine if DAS is necessary and where antennas should be placed to achieve optimal coverage.

Budgeting - Our Design Team has the software tools, knowledge, and experience to provide fairly accurate budgetary numbers early in the discovery phase.

Design - Accurate design is critical to achieving desired system performance, cost-effective maintenance, and preparation for anticipated changes to regulations and carrier technologies.  MTG will help navigate the many moving parts involved in DAS installation projects, from budgeting, equipment selection and antenna placement to communicating with cellular carriers and AHJs to ensure optimal performance and adherence to all applicable regulations.

Installation - Installing a rock-solid RF physical infrastructure is critical to system performance and reliability of your DAS.  The tools and skills required to install a DAS infrastructure properly are quite specialized and relatively unknown to many electrical and low-voltage contractors.  MTG has years of experience with various DAS manufacturers in many different types of facilities.

Commissioning and Optimization - Once the DAS is installed, the next phase is commissioning and optimization.  In other words, it involves bringing the system online, testing, and adjusting for optimal performance.  MTG technicians are trained and certified to perform the required practices such as signal balancing, antenna tuning and Passive Intermodulation (PIM) testing to ensure desired coverage and reliable and safe operation.

On-Going Support - As your DAS Contractor, The MTG Service Department offers our clients remote health monitoring, preventative maintenance plans and rapid service response for DAS and other systems.

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