Today’s network cameras and intelligent video applications can do much more than capture video.

Let our team design, build and maintain a video surveillance solution to provide a secure environment and optimize business performance. Combine carefully chosen cameras, intuitive video management, and intelligent analytics to create a surveillance system that works for you.


IP Cameras

IP cameras come in various manufacturers, models, configurations, capabilities, quality, and price points. Our experts help clients select cameras appropriate for their specific business requirements and configure, install, and fine-tune them for optimal performance. MTG has extensive experience with indoor and outdoor camera installations to support various uses and physical environments.

Single-Site or Enterprise IP Camera Systems

MTG supports clients with single sites, large campuses, and multiple sites across the country. We have product lines, design expertise, installation horsepower, and a technical support platform to meet the needs of the most demanding project scopes and timelines.

Local and Cloud-Hosted Security Camera Data Storage Options

There are many important considerations when deciding between on-premises and cloud-hosted video storage solutions. Criteria such as the number of cameras, video quality, and storage requirements are often determining factors. Others include upfront capital investment vs. monthly subscription fees, maintenance/update models, in-house support, and physical space availability. MTG offers products and services to support both options and the expertise to help our clients make the right choices.

Video Management Software

A Video Surveillance Management System (VMS) is a software platform that connects your video surveillance components and allows you to view, manage, and store your security camera footage. MTG offers a variety of VMS solutions to fit any need, from smaller, single-site applications to large-scale enterprise environments. Our software experts have the knowledge to help clients select the right VMS solution for their business needs and the experience to configure systems for optimal performance and ease of use.

Custom Analytic Applications

Advancements in intelligent video technology have dramatically reduced video storage requirements and search time by providing the capability to filter for specific objects or actions. In addition, intelligent video can benefit areas of organizations beyond security and loss prevention, such as safety, operations, and marketing. MTG has extensive experience with video analytics software, and an Innovation Lab set up to test and demonstrate how video can be leveraged for various business needs, often utilizing existing equipment.

Tiered Remote Support

MTG offers a tiered remote support solution built to provide timely, effective, and courteous technical support to our clients. Our highly trained team of experts can help you troubleshoot, remote repair, and dispatch on-site service when necessary.

24×7 Service and Remote Support

The security of your business facility is a mission-critical function, and MTG is here to provide support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter the time of day, our support experts are on call to keep your surveillance system performing around the clock.

Distributed Antenna Systems

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