People First, Always

Since 2002, Master Technology Group (MTG) has been helping customers select, install and integrate the right technologies for their business. MTG has been built largely on our technical know-how and our installation horsepower, but there is something else. What makes MTG special is not about what we do; it’s about who we are.

We have assembled a team of talented, good people. All with unique skills and all with a common bond, the desire to help others, and a focus on results.

MTG Core Values

People First

We will show an uncommon level of care for our employees, who will, in turn, show an uncommon level of care for our clients.

Above & Beyond

Good companies meet expectations. Great companies consistently go above and beyond to exceed expectations. We go out of our way to exceed expectations and be better than our competition.

Sense of Urgency

The fastest and most common way we are measured by our clients and fellow employees is our responsiveness. Responsiveness is a characteristic that shows how much we care. We show a sense of urgency toward responsiveness, process improvement, keeping commitments, and achieving results.

Team Player

We are a team. Teams need strong players to be successful. Team players put the team goals and the team accountability ahead of their own individual situations.

Do The Right Thing

Our ethics will not be compromised. Our decisions and actions should reflect our core values and we will do what’s right in all situations. We have built a successful organization around good people who “do the right thing.”


If you are a go-getter looking to join a friendly, growth-oriented environment and if MTG’s core values look like a good fit, we would love to hear from you.
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