Masters of Low Voltage and Electrical Wiring

Master Technology Group (MTG) is your single, reliable source for low voltage and electrical wiring – nationwide. We do it all – data infrastructure, AV systems, life safety and security, and commercial electrical. And we do it right, with uncompromising commitment to excellence. MTG Delivers. It's that simple.  

Multiple Competencies, Consistent Results

Most companies are strong in one or two services, and so-so in others. Few can claim true competence in as many disciplines as MTG. Our greatest value to clients is the expertise and experience of our electricians and low voltage technicians. Because we've got the chops, you get one outcome – excellence.

National Coverage

Our execution model is flexible and scalable to any project size, scope and quantity of locations. For accelerated deployment of multi-location projects with careful control of quality and costs, call MTG.

Good people doing the right thing

MTG is a values-driven company with good people who do the right thing – not what's cheap or easy. Why call MTG for commercial electrical and low-voltage work? Core values that put the customer first and a helpful team that is willing to go above and beyond.

But don't take our word for it! Our case studies tell the story of MTG in action.

cable-dressing-mtg.jpgSerious Horsepower

MTG has the people and infrastructure you need to efficiently execute large, complex or multi-location projects:

  • 115 full-time employees
  • Technicians and installers cross-trained on multiple technologies
  • Nationwide network of over 1400 Local Service Partners (LSPs)
  • 7,000 square foot warehouse to facilitate rapid deployment
  • Professional design and project management
  • 24/7 Support