Design and  Installation

Why choose MTG to design and install your low-voltage systems?

Design - Quality, up-to-date design packages are crucial to project success and customer satisfaction. We understand that every project is unique and requires a tailored approach. To ensure that we provide our clients with the best options, we have a team of BICSI RCDDs and NICET-certified designers who stay current with the latest technologies. Our in-house design lab allows us to test new technologies and product performance and interoperability to ensure our recommendations are sound. Additionally, our AutoCAD specialists provide high-quality plans, drawings, and technical diagrams.

Project Management - We are proud of our reputation for consistently meeting deadlines and staying within budget. Our experienced project managers at MTG follow the 8-Step Proven Process and use best practices to ensure a unified understanding of expectations, smooth implementation, timely communication, and successful delivery of the intended outcome on every project.

Installation - MTG’s team of competent installation personnel is one of the largest and most experienced in the Midwest. Their expertise in their craft and extraordinary commitment to doing things correctly ensures a quality, safe, code-compliant outcome on every job. In addition, our well-established national network of installation partners extends the same commitment to quality performance to our clients with multiple locations nationwide.

Our Proven Process

MTG Processes

Our Proven Process

MTG Processes

Understanding. We begin with site visits, assessments, and data collection. We gather and organize information about budget, timelines, requirements,
infrastructure, priorities, desired outcomes, and constraints. We look for ways to conserve or use existing human, financial, or technical resources and identify possible complications


Problem Solving. We research and explore options for materials, equipment, hardware, software, logistics, and staffing. We also consider issues of scalability, affordability, longevity, and ROI. We draft possible solutions and options for you to consider


Due Diligence. We discuss the pros and cons of various solutions with appropriate stakeholders. How can additional savings or efficiencies be achieved? Have compliance and corporate standards been addressed Which ideas and options make sense and why? We fine-tune the solution and develop the agreement.


Clear Expectations. Our agreement is a detailed description of deliverables, roles, responsibilities, process, requirements, timelines, and budget. Because our design and planning process is extremely diligent, change orders are the exception, not the rule.


Accountability. MTG project managers, coordinators, and external partners meet to share the project plan and documentation. We agree on roles, responsibilities, and tasks. When everyone understands exactly what lies ahead and how they will be accountable for success, we’re ready to go.


Preparation. Project coordinators finalize, order, and schedule technicians, equipment, and materials. This step is key to success. When technicians arrive on site, they will have everything thing they need to get the job done right.


Smooth Implementation. MTG is the single point of contact for smooth deployment of technicians and equipment. Project coordinators facilitate communication between everyone involved. 24/7 support of technicians in the field keeps jobs on track. If needed, we provide fast and agile troubleshooting. We provide frequent and timely updates.


Continuous Improvement. Along the way and after the project is finished, we discuss and document pain points, successes, discoveries, efficiencies, close-calls, thoughts, ideas, and next steps.

Customer Feedback

  • "MTG was absolutely wonderful to work with! They have been extremely responsive to all of our follow up questions. I highly recommend using MTG!"

    Breanna, Executive Director

  • "Quality of deliverable was high... Quote process was solid. End price was what we expected. All in all great experience."

    John S., Manufacturing Industry

  • "Overall a very good job. Techs were courteous to the employees and worked around them when they could. Very efficient."

    Carrie L., Healthcare Industry

  • "I have worked with your teams for years and have had wonderful service. I've only had one "hiccup" over the years and my most recent projects went very smooth."

    Dan M., Technology Industry

  • "Account Managers and Techs are always responsive and willing to go further to ensure the work is done properly and professionally. Jared T, Nick, Dan M, Tim J, Dan N, Justin, Joel, Brady, Dan T, Sam B and Jared B. I and many others in the institution I work for are very appreciative of their help"

    Tom W., Architect

  • "Team was quick, got all the scope of work done, and even came under budget from the original proposal and passed those savings on to us. Much appreciated!"

    Julie Q., Distribution Industry

Right People

MTG is built around an incredible group of people with a wide range of talents. All with a common bond: a caring, helpful nature.

Right Tools

From the software and application on our devices to the tools and equipment in our trucks, MTG strongly believes in providing the right tools to do the job the right way.

Right Now

Sense of urgency is a core value. Responsiveness is a requirement of all. We are available with tech support 24x7.


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