The Problem

As one if the first community foundations in Minnesota, The Minneapolis Foundation brings together people, ideas and resources to improve lives, locally and globally. With an aging space that felt “very dark and corporate,” the foundation decided it was time for a change. They all agreed that they wanted a more open, collaborative space for staff, committees and external constituents to use and enjoy.

MTG collaborates with client team to create results

As the selected technology contractor, MTG teamed up with Studio BV (architect) and Gardner Builders (general contractor) to realize the Foundation’s goals. Betsy Vohs of Studio BV believes that collaboration is essential to realizing the client’s vision.

“As architects, we are trying to create an experience. It’s all about the purpose of the space. When we work with Gardner and MTG, we’re able to combine our expertise with theirs to create spaces that achieve the client’s goals.”

Technology upgrades were made throughout the office to make it more flexible and useful. Staff can connect laptops with monitors in small meeting rooms, make high quality audio or video conference calls, schedule meetings in conference rooms and use the large multi-purpose room for gatherings or breakout groups.

“Technology can be scary,” says Colleen Byrne of the Minneapolis Foundation. “But MTG set our systems up to work easily for the end user. It’s very cool to see all of the possibilities with our new equipment.”

We work with MTG because we want it to turn out right.

Colleen Byrne