University of Minnesota Rec Center Security Systems

A long-term partnership built on reliability.

SIEMENS BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES provides enterprise security solutions for casinos, hotels, and large campus environments. Including the new 145,000 square foot, $59 million University of Minnesota Recreation Center expansion project.

The large-scale project was completed in eight sections over a period of 18 months. Siemens Sales Executive DOUG BIENIEK and his team were responsible for the security system equipment and installation.

“It was a very diverse project, involving access control, CCTV, area of refuge, and networked voice fire alarm systems.”


Doug chose MTG as Siemens’ installation partner for the project because MTG has an 8-year track-record with Siemens. “Our clients have very high expectations across the board. They hold us accountable for quality, and we can rely on MTG to do great work.”

“It's not just about price. It's also about quality and workmanship. Everything is clean, neat, level and functions properly.”

According to Doug, MTG’s pricing is very competitive. But he doesn’t choose his subs based on price alone. “It’s not just about price. It’s also about quality and workmanship. Everything is clean, neat, level, and functions properly. They hold themselves to a very high standard.”


MTG project managers meet with Doug regularly, respond quickly to calls and emails, and provide detailed “as built” documentation when the project is complete.

During construction “things can sometimes go sideways during construction,” says Doug.

“MTG will see what’s coming, recognize an issue, step up, and go hand-in-hand with us to get problems solved.”


Timelines are especially important to
 Doug because upstream delays are common. “Subs ahead of us frequently need extra time to complete their work. But that doesn’t mean the completion deadline will be extended. When timelines are compressed, MTG is nimble enough to redeploy, turn up the labor, and still meet the deadline.”