Sound masking for 10,000 square foot office

The design (completed in just 3 days) was dead on 

GARDNER BUILDERS is a general contractor focused on high-end tenant improvements for companies that are expanding, remodeling, or building out new space. They’re a “hospitality company” in the commercial construction business. Project Manager JONATHAN BALLMER is like a construction concierge. “A smooth, enjoyable experience is the core of our brand. It’s our point of difference,” says Ballmer. “So we need subcontractors and business partners with the same DNA.”


“We need everyone on the team to take responsibility for whatever comes up. If our relationships with our subcontractors aren’t excellent, then we can’t create excellent relationships with our clients.”

"I know they will be reliable, honest and efficient."

Gardner Builders has called MTG to provide AV and structured cabling services on multiple projects because they are easy to work with. Ballmer says that when he hires MTG, “I know they will be reliable, honest, and efficient.”


He recently selected MTG to design and install the sound masking system for a 10,000 square foot office space. An MTG engineer evaluated the floor plan and the design was completed in three days. “They asked very thorough questions up front, made sure they understood the requirements completely, and came back with a design that was dead on. We didn’t waste any time on revisions.”

"They were really fussy about fine-tuning the system and getting it just right for the client."

As soon as the design was approved, cables were pulled and the ceiling was closed. MTG returned about a week later to finish the installation. “They were really fussy about fine-tuning the system and getting it just right for the client. MTG gets the difference between good and outstanding.”

Although the timeline was tight, work was completed on time without any hiccups. “For our clients, the work is a liability until it’s an asset. And for us, it’s not done until it’s completely finished. We choose partners like MTG who can see that.”