Riverside Plaza Fire Alarms

MTG "knows how to get the job done."

SIEMENS BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES is the world leader in manufacturing, installing, and servicing life safety systems. Siemens demands the highest levels of quality and professionalism from their installation partners. JOHN HAGLIN, service sales representative, says he chooses MTG because the people “know how to get the job done.”


In 2011, Sherman Associates closed on the $132 million, two-year renovation of Riverside Plaza in Minneapolis, MN. The complex is composed of six buildings and has 1,303 residential units. The renovation focused on upgrades to mechanical and electrical systems.

"The total cost is lower than other contractors because I don't have to waste my time holding their hand."

Haglin’s team, with MTG as their installation partner, was responsible for ADA upgrades and replacing the fire alarm system. The team finished on time and on budget. And each building passed the City of Minneapolis fire inspector’s acceptance test on the first attempt.


MTG's flexibility and experience makes Haglin’s job easier. “The challenging part is figuring out how and where to place the devices,” he says. “The plans are rarely 100% accurate, and design changes are common, so I need people who can handle the unexpected.”

"They're not just taking orders. It's a partnership."

After 12 years working with Siemens, the MTG team knows their product lines inside and out. “The installers are always willing to help find the solution to a design problem. They’re familiar with codes and experienced with placement,” he says “They’re not just taking orders. It’s a partnership.”


Haglin says using MTG as his installation partner is efficient. Haglin gets accurate pricing, planning support, and flexibility in the field. “They’re quality people. The total cost is lower than other contractors because I don’t have to waste my time holding their hand.” Plus, “They’re pros at not triggering the alarms.”