Rollouts in retail stores nationwide

Contractor gets "efficiency bonus" from MTG.

CONLON CONSTRUCTION Project Manager, EMILY TIMMERMAN, has been managing rollouts for successful nationwide retailers for the past 13 years. Timmerman uses MTG for low-voltage planning and multi-site implementation on many of her projects because her clients won’t tolerate mistakes or mediocrity.

“MTG and anyone who works with us knows that we must uphold the brand,” says Timmerman. “That means great quality, clean, and extremely professional. If you mess up, you’re out. Our clients have plenty of other companies lined up who want to work with them.”

"MTG is well prepared to handle whatever comes up."

Timmerman handles rollouts where Conlon will hit 10-100 stores doing basically the same type of work in a single department. “The basic scope of work is the same, but some locations might vary slightly from the template. MTG is well-prepared to handle whatever comes up, so we can finish the work on time without disrupting retail operations or the customer experience.”


Timmerman gets an “efficiency bonus” because MTG can handle both the planning and the installation, making sure the equipment, people, and plans are lined up and ready to go exactly when needed. Recent projects include rollouts for a variety of retail departments, including beauty and electronics, in stores across the country.

Communication between Conlon and MTG is an important success factor. “They require detailed reporting from the field, and the office always knows what’s going on,” says Timmerman, “They’ll know right away if there’s an issue, which makes it easier to manage a large volume of work on tight timelines. If there are any loose ends, even if it’s something small, they will troubleshoot it, keep me informed, and stay on top of things until the job is done.”