Retail Photo Labs Upgraded Overnight

Work was carefully choreographed to get the job done quickly.

MTG was selected by PRIME RETAIL SERVICES as the low voltage contractor for a project that involved remodeling photo labs in 120 retail locations. Work was done overnight when stores were closed.


During the planning phase, MTG project managers created a detailed scope document which described exactly how the work was to be completed in each location. In order to prevent cascading delays, crews and equipment were precisely choreographed so work could be finished in one night (8 hours).

"I love that they respond immediately, even in the middle of the night."

Senior Director of Operations MACK TURNER says MTG performance is consistently excellent. “There are issues that go with what we do, but problems have been minimal. I love that they respond immediately. Even in the middle of the night.”


MTG’s 24-hour call center, single point of contact, and communication between the home office and the field are valuable to Turner.

“I do price shop,” says Turner, “and they’re right in there. If they are close I will go with them for the additional benefits – communication and planning skills.”


Work was done in as many as 20 locations at a time, over a period of 5 weeks. Every day Turner received a detailed report summarizing the project status and any outstanding issues.

“It’s great to get that kind of detailed information because we can analyze it, tie up the loose ends quickly, and close-out the job. My people can focus on remodeling, not the low voltage work.”