Nationwide new construction and break-fix service

MTG speeds up the process by taking on low voltage work.

THE GANDER MOUNTAIN TEAM manages up to 40 new construction and remodeling projects a year. As Service Delivery Manager, BRIAN SWORD is responsible for coordinating installation of IS equipment, or as he puts it, “anything IT-related.”


The relationship with MTG began 8 years ago. MTG president Ryan Blundell “took it upon himself to really get to know us,” says Sword. “I trust they can send a tech to any of our locations and they will be able to handle the job. Sometimes they are able to locate problems that we might not even know about, because they are so familiar with our business.”

"I trust they can send a tech to any of our locations and they will be able to handle the job."

MTG provides data infrastructure services to Gander Mountain for both new construction and break-fix. Sword says that by taking on different types of work, “they’ve really been able to speed up my process. They’ll get in, turn over a building, and get out quickly.”

For Sword, working with MTG is easy and efficient. “We’ve tried vendors who claim to be lower cost, but we’ve had to deal with a lot more work on the back end.”


"By the time we meet, they've already anticipated what I'm going to need."

MTG and Gander Mountain meet quarterly to discuss standards and the anticipated IT requirements for the stores. For each individual project, MTG will do a site visit and make the necessary adjustments to the low voltage drawings and scope of work. By the time the team sits down to discuss a new project, most of the planning is complete. “It’s a quick meeting, usually not more than an hour. By the time we meet, they’ve already anticipated what I’m going to need,” says Brian.

MTG screens and selects the local structured cabling and low voltage contractors and provides pricing for equipment and labor to the general contractor. When the project kicks off, an MTG project manager will walk through the project with the local contractor.

"Their project managers are very good at keeping me up-to-speed when there are changes in the schedule."

The team uses a web portal to manage communication between the general contractor, MTG, and the local crews. All changes, requests, and updates are organized and documented in one place. Sword relies on MTG to keep him up-to-date, “Their project managers are very good at keeping me up-to-speed when there are changes in the schedule.”


Sword says MTG is Gander Mountain’s primary low voltage vendor for both new construction and break-fix because they are efficient and consistent. “You want fast turnaround without impacting the rest of the business. You need to be efficient, so when your time comes you’re ready. They do a phenomenal job of hitting their mark.”

"They do a phenomenal job of hitting their mark."

MTG has an extensive knowledge base of Gander Mountain’s systems and can respond to break-fix situations quickly and efficiently, even on weekends. “They can get a technician there on a Saturday if it’s necessary,” says Sword. “They’re as committed to keeping the store operating as we are.”

With the multitude of technologies and systems, minor problems occasionally come up. Sword says MTG’s response is immediate and issues are generally resolved within 8 hours. “It’s a relief for me. I trust their judgment and know that they’ll always do what’s best for Gander Mountain.”