data cabling infrastructure bank


Complex Data Infrastructure

High level of knowledge and expertise critical for smooth planning and execution.

MTG has been selected by one of the TOP COMMERCIAL BANKS in the United States to provide data infrastructure support for a complex project, which requires installation of a new computer room and relocation of equipment and circuits.

The client’s primary concerns are avoiding any interruption of operations and protecting the integrity of the data. MTG was selected for the project because they have demonstrated a high level of knowledge and expertise.


Over a period of approximately nine months, the system is being “cut over” in phases. MTG staff has worked closely with the client to develop an “A to Z” project plan, outlining all of the steps involved.

According to the client: "A thousand guys with PhD's couldn't have done it better."

During the planning phase, regular meetings were held to discuss possible issues that might arise and develop strategies to prevent them. For example, the team is responsible for making sure that critical transactions are not delayed or interrupted. So MTG worked with IT staff to set up redundant lines with voice/data carriers.

During the first four months of the project, over 150 high speed carrier circuits have been moved with minimal disruption to operations. 

Although the project is extremely complex, the work has proceeded with no significant errors, and minor issues have been resolved quickly. According to the client, “A thousand guys with PhD’s couldn’t have done it better.”