office structured cabling and AV systems


Data Cabling and AV Systems

Smooth design and installation of communications infrastructure for new office.

DYKEMA is a leading national law firm, serving business entities worldwide on a wide range of complex business issues. IT Analyst JEREMY OPPEWAL was asked to get the new Minneapolis, MN office up and running in just 90 days. The project had two parts: (1) completing the data cabling, and (2) installing the AV system in the conference room.


“They knew the right questions to ask and had a good grasp of what we needed to do,” says Oppewal. “They were able to design a reliable, user-friendly AV system. Anyone on our staff can initiate a videoconference. It’s really simple.”

"MTG went above and beyond. I felt like they were waiting for my phone call."

One of Oppewal’s biggest challenges was managing a project in Minneapolis from his office in Michigan. “For me, communication was very important. Whenever I would call or email I would receive a response within 5-10 minutes. I get it when people are busy, but if you can’t respond quickly, that’s going to hold up a project and we couldn’t afford delays. MTG went above and beyond. I felt like they were waiting for my phone call.”


Overall, Oppewal says the project went smoothly. “MTG knew what we needed to accomplish and what the end product needed to look like. I was really impressed with the quality and consistency of the final product.”

"Everything is neatly arranged and labeled."

In the data center and conference room, everything is neatly arranged and labeled. “We have to rely on non-technical staff,” says Oppewal, “If they have difficulty with the equipment, we can help them troubleshoot things easily because everything is laid out and mapped.”

The “as-built” plans for the Minneapolis office will be used as a template for offices in other locations.