What is sound masking and how does it save money?

Jul 29, 2014

Sound masking is the addition of a familiar sounding, air-conditioning like background sound to an environment. Masking covers up or “masks” human speech and helps mitigate the distraction of other sounds, making an environment more comfortable, workers more productive and creating speech privacy.

Sound masking can be described as: Imagine being in a darkened room with another person flicking a flashlight on and off. The flashlight is very noticeable and distracting. Now imagine, the lights are on in the room. The flashlight is barely noticeable – it has been “masked”.

Sound masking can be found virtually anywhere, including open office plans, private offices and public spaces that require privacy, such as reception areas, pharmacies, waiting rooms and banks.

In a 2008 study "Perceived Acoustic Environment, Work Performance and Well-being," Drs. Valtteri Hongisto and Annu Haapakangas found that 48% of the 689 employees surveyed reported speech as the most disturbing source of noise.

In addition, the survey found that employees on average wasted 21 minutes per day due to conversational distractions, making speech the number one cause of reduced productivity. Sound masking systems reduce the intelligibility of speech, making it less of a distraction while increasing speech privacy, increasing productivity thus improving profits.

MTG’s partnership with Cambridge Sound Management has resulted in hundreds of productive hours retained throughout MTG’s customer base.

The latest benefactor of the MTG and Cambridge Sound Management team is Solve where President Corey Johnson remarked “We loved working with MTG on our new Space. They had great suggestions when it came to our sound masking solution, suggesting the Cambridge Sound Masking system. Aesthetics and privacy were our top priorities in our space and the Cambridge Sound Masking system delivers both.”

For more information or to schedule your demonstration of the Cambridge Sound Management benefits, contact Scott Harrold, 612-462-8596.

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