Two-factor authentication: Keypads and Biometrics

May 28, 2014


by Charlie Howell / Division 28 Consulting

Are your critical assets protected by a traditional lock and key? What happens if the key ends up in the wrong hands? How easy is it to gain unauthorized access to your facilities, confidential information, or inventory? What happens if someone loses their key and is too embarrassed to report it?

Adding a second authentication factor to a lock and key provides a higher level of security and protection from theft, damage, injury and liability. And the good news is: it doesn’t take an Iris Reader or $50,000 deployment per door to obtain a two or three factor authentication.

Basic two-factor authentication can be achieved with a keypad and a numeric pin. This provides a higher level of security, at modest cost. Putting a biometric and a proximity card on a locked door reduces the risk of unauthorized access even further.

Your solution will depend on what you are trying to protect and the relative cost of unauthorized access. If the threat or cost of unauthorized access is high, then biometrics may be an appropriate – and cost-effective – security strategy. For less critical assets or when the threat is minor, a keypad and pin is a reasonable choice.

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