"Cabling Up" the New StarTribune Headquarters

Jan 28, 2015

The build-out of the new StarTribune headquarters in the Capella building (started in November) is moving right along! As the newspaper business becomes more and more digital, the new office is an opportunity for the company to “cable up” : improve data infrastructure and plan for future changes in the industry. 

startribune-cabling-07.jpgTerminating horizontal cable on a CAT6 patch panel.

A team of 8 technicians are busy installing approximately 240,000 feet of horizontal cable. (Fun fact: the client chose green cable to match their logo.)

startribune-cabling-06.jpgWorking blueprint showing pathways and cable IDs.

The project involves structured cabling to approximately 1500 workstations on three floors, fiber optic backbone, coaxial TV distribution, sound masking and a paging system.

startribune-cabling-04.jpgstartribune-cabling-05.jpgTechnicians dressing horizontal data cables into equipment racks.

startribune-cabling-03.jpgSam and Tavis routing horizontal cabling in modular furniture workstations.

startribune-cabling-01.jpgTravis terminating fiber at the main server room. 

Connectivity between the current offices and the new headquarters will keep the company operating as one campus during the move, which is scheduled to begin in early March. 

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