For Servers and Service, Velocity Calls MTG

Mar 22, 2015

Velocity is a leading provider of Universal Cloud Services to millions of end users at companies worldwide. Since 2006, MTG has been a technical services partner – providing structured cabling services for Velocity’s Tier 3 data center in Minneapolis, MN.  

Recent projects included relocating servers from facilities in Denver and Virginia to Minneapolis, MN.  


From Denver to Minneapolis 

In 2015, the company moved their Denver facility to Minneapolis. MTG’s data team was responsible for completing the site audit and relocation. Approximately 400 devices consisting of servers, switches, routers, peripheral devices – were labelled, packed, and trucked to Minneapolis. MTG crews unloaded equipment early on Sunday morning and production equipment was racked, stacked, and running the following morning. 

Virginia Server Relocation  

MTG was also tasked with installation of Virginia servers in the Minneapolis facility. In a period of approximately 6 weeks, crews assembled 16 server cabinets and installed two 60-amp circuits and one 30-amp circuit to each cabinet. 5000 strands of fiber were installed ending in over 1000 category 6 copper connections. 

velocity-project-032215-02.jpgJaimie and Mauricio pulling and labeling Category 6 copper and prepping for installation.  

velocity-project-032215-01.jpgCategory 6 copper jack termination | OM3 10-gig fiber | Patch panel with Category 6 copper connections - nice and neat! 

velocity-project-032215-06.jpgMatt terminating Category 6 cabling 

MTG is a leading provider of data infrastructure design, installation, maintenance and 24-hour support. Our project managers and labor force are among the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry. For reliable service and competitive pricing, call Roger Beissel, 763-442-3854. 

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