No more "Can you repeat that?"

Feb 27, 2015

The ClearOne Beamforming Microphone Array dramatically improves audio quality in group conferencing environments. Twenty-four microphone elements steer pickup patterns towards participants and reject unwanted noise and reflections. 

Conversation flows freely, naturally, and comfortably when far-end listeners experience less distortion and fewer muffled voices. MTG has used the “Beam Mic” in several recent AV installations. 

clearone-beam-microphone-01-board-room.jpgThis executive board room in Minneapolis seats up to 24. The space is equipped with  (2) Beamforming Microphone arrays, (1) ClearOne Converge Pro audio matrix mixer and Crestron control system to initiate the call control. Each Beamformer has  24 microphone elements able to pick up voices from different distances and directions, and automatically adjust levels for the listeners on the other end. 

clearone-beam-microphone-03-conference-room.jpgThe streamlined design of this conference room hides messy cables and cords. 

clearone-beam-microphone-04-ceiling-mount.jpgMounted near the ceiling, the array is barely noticeable. A single array replaces up to 10 traditional microphones with twice the pickup range. 

clearone-beam-microphone-05-pitch-room.jpgThis informal “pitch room” was designed to encourage creative engagement and conversation with clients and business partners. Although the room is large and acoustically “live” the array automatically adjusts for best possible audio pickup from individuals throughout the space. 

clearone-beam-microphone-06-wall-mount.jpgThe ultra-sleek design fits into any conferencing environment and delivers the clearest audio pickup available. Available in black and white finishes, multiple arrays can be daisy-chained for larger room applications. 

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