New Tripp Lite Products

Oct 16, 2014

Walking the aisles at the BICSI Fall Conference, two new Tripp Lite products stood out for their utility.

Mobile Device Charging Station


As mobile devices are quickly ubiquitous in a variety of contexts, MTG is constantly on the look-out for new systems for our clients to use.

Tripp Lite Mobile Device Charging Stations are ideal for classrooms and retail environments – anyplace where devices are shared or “checked-out.” Steel cabinets with locking doors house up to 48 tablets or 32 laptops. Stations provide simultaneous high-speed charging and convenient syncing for every device inside. For charging stations that roam from classroom to classroom, you can outfit your unit with rolling casters. Available either with USB charging ports or standard AC charging outlets.

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A new “All-in-1U” by Tripp Lite combines a network grade PDU with a high-speed Gigabit Ethernet switch. In a small-scale network, saving 1U of rack space may seem inconsequential. However, at enterprise scales, saving that same 1U of space hundreds of times could allow you to use a smaller cabinet size and reduce costs significantly over your entire network.

The All-in-1U comes in two configurations. One with 8 120v outlets and 16 gigabit ethernet ports, the other with 12 outlets and 12-ports.

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If you are interested in either of these innovative new products from Tripp Lite contact us at MTG:

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