Microsoft Perceptive Pixel – Not Your Average Touch Screen

Jul 30, 2014

Perceptive Pixel devices are multi-touch screens that combine the utility of a computer, the connectivity of the internet, and the collaborative ease of a whiteboard.

Runs Windows8 applications. Connect the device to your Windows8 PC to run apps and markup the screen at the same time. Use your hands to position and resize content quickly and effortlessly. With the Smart Stylus you can scribble notes in the “margins” and lead brainstorming or ideation sessions with your team. Then save and share your notes and changes.

Interact and engage with Microsoft Perceptive Pixel

Like working on your tablet or smartphone? Imagine one bigger than your TV! Perceptive Pixel by Microsoft delivers exceptional, multi-purpose touch devices for fluid access and manipulation of digital content. Storyboard Software makes it easy and fast to jump and move from file to file, page to page, window to window. Perceptive Pixel technology gained widespread recognition during the 2008 U.S presidential elections – broadcasters were swiping and zooming as they explained the ins and outs, ups and downs of political races across the nation. Today the devices are widely used by journalists, educators, meteorologists and sportscasters to share dynamic graphics and maps. Whether you need to share information, visualize ideas, or invent the next big thing, Perceptive Pixel technology is a powerful tool for communicating with colleagues, prospects and customers. For more information about pricing and installation of Perceptive Pixel technology, contact Scott Harrold, AV Solutions, 612-462-8596.

Link to Perceptive Pixel on YouTube
Skip to 1:45 in the YouTube video to see the demo.

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