Mass Fusion Splicer is the "Right Tool" for fiber optic cabling

Aug 12, 2015

fusion-splicer.jpgIn order to improve efficiency, increase capabilities and manage the cost and delivery times of fiber optic cabling, MTG has acquired a Quantum Type Q101-M12™ Mass Fusion Splicer.

Faster, Easier Splicing

The Quantum Mass is the industry’s fastest mass fusion splicer, taking less than 70 seconds for a 12-strand ribbon fiber splice.

Roger Beissel, our data division manager, is enthusiastic about the purchase of this fiber-splicing tool because it enables technicians to build MTP/MPO fiber assemblies in the field. “This tool is a game changer,” says Roger. “Especially in high density data center environments.”

Neater installs with less excess cable

Data Technician, Jeremy Carl is excited because he can pull the appropriate length of cable every time. “This type of splicer allows us to pull the exact amount of cable we need. So there’s less coiling and management of excess cable. It’s a much neater install and saves valuable space.”

MTG President Ryan Blundell agrees with his team, “MTG has always been progressive when it comes to investing in tools that make us better”.

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