Camera ROI is a matter of degrees

Feb 27, 2015


By Charlie Howell, Principal, Division 28 Consulting LLC

Common wisdom says the new 180 and 360 degree cameras will be more cost-effective than 70-80 degree models. After all, why use more 70-80 degree cameras, when you can use fewer 180/360 cameras? Fewer cameras is more cost-effective and efficient, right?

Well… sometimes. And sometimes not.

There are many factors to consider before switching to 180 or 360 degree cameras. It takes an experienced integrator to analyze the impact on the network, storage, and retrieval of the video for display, and determine whether or not there will be significant ROI in the long run.

Keep in mind: 180 and 360 degree cameras do not simply duplicate the view of a traditional IP camera. Rather, the image is divided into quadrants to create multiple feeds to your VMS (video management system).

If you are considering lensing and cameras bodies that provide 180 and 360 degree views, ask a professional to look at the application and supporting components. Even better, have them show you what the video images will look like before you make a decision. If you’re thinking about upgrading equipment, it’s always wise to look at the whole system, before upgrading or switching components.

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