Core Values

When we live and work the MTG way, everyone benefits


For people who care about you and your project, call MTG.

Five core values are essential to who we are as a service provider. When we live and work the MTG way, everyone benefits – clients, partners, and MTG.


No one thing is more critical to our success than providing value to our clients and meeting their expectations. We must understand what our clients value and what they need – and deliver it. “Customer” can mean client or it can mean fellow employee. We must maintain the “whatever it takes” mentality that we are known for.


We are always looking for ways to do our jobs better. We are willing to do more than what is required. We will take the extra steps to help our clients understand and use our products. We must challenge ourselves and stretch our capabilities.


We must all have a sense of urgency to:

  • Make sure customer’s expectations are met
  • Set and reach our goals
  • Identify and resolve issues
  • Embrace changes that are necessary for the good of MTG
  • Follow processes and get our work done on time
  • Foster timely and effective communication


We are a team. No one person is bigger than the team. Our primary ambition is for the success and well-being of the team and the company. We recognize the strengths in others as well as our own weaknesses. We are open to other’s ideas. We help, guide and encourage fellow employees. We are helpful to our clients, our partners, our employees and to our communities.


Our ethics are vital to our reputation and our future. Simply put: We must all make good choices. We have built a company with good people who do the right thing. We hire, train and trust our people to do what’s right in all situations. Not what’s cheap or what’s easy. Maybe, above all else…The MTG way means “do the right thing.”